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 Saudi women to be allowed to drive; ban to be lifted in 2018

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PostSubject: Saudi women to be allowed to drive; ban to be lifted in 2018   Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:27 am

For many years I have been aware of the ban in Islamic  Saudi Arabia that forbids women in Saudi Arabia from driving ; they even have to sit in the back of any vehicle they get into and have to be chaparoned by a male relative  


Quote :
Manal al-Sharif, one of the women behind the Women2Drive campaign in Saudi Arabia, said the magnitude of the decision to allow women to drive "won't make sense" to those outside the country, "but if you live in Saudi Arabia, it's a huge battle that was won today."

As someone who has been aware of the ban and the punishments women could incur for defying the ban, and as a car driver myself , the magnitude of the ban  lifting  actually makes perfect sense to/for me

There are various links on google for you to read

>>>Information here<<<

>>>women to be allowed to drive<<<

However, I do visualise a problem with  this and their wearing  of the Islamic headwear; you have to be able to see clearly the road ahead , behind and to the left and right ; I guess those who ear a burka will decline to get involved ?

For those of you who are unaware of how varied and 'concealing' the Islamic  dress can be  please see  this link for various Islamic styles of  female 'cover'

>>>>Islamic female headwear<<<<<

With that said, I for one rejoice for those in the Islamic State who have been granted this freedom;it will be interesting to see how they get to learn how to drive safely,( how can a female  be in a car alone with a male driving instructor or will a male  relative have to chaparone her?? )and I assume  they will have to pass a Driving Test , so will a male have to access her and how fair will he be?

Again I rejoice with the women over there ,however

Quote :
Restrictive rules remain
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia follows a strict form of Wahhabi Islam that bans the mixing of sexes at public events and places numerous curbs on women, including needing the permission of a male guardian to work or travel. These restrictions are enforced by religious police.

>>>Some rules the women have to live by<<<

>>>King of Saudi and his  family<<<

And, as a matter of  courtesy to and as a mark of   respect for the King of Saudi Arabia I invite  the reader to see >>>The King of Saud Arabia and how to address him formally<<<

All that said..... ladies, congratulations and very safe and happy driving study study
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Saudi women to be allowed to drive; ban to be lifted in 2018
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