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 Fly- tipping in the UK.......councill has to clean up the mess ; our tax goes up

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PostSubject: Fly- tipping in the UK.......councill has to clean up the mess ; our tax goes up   Fri Oct 27, 2017 1:33 pm

If you live in the UK ( and I suspect many other countries too are affected by the blight of fly-tipping)  and travel around you cannot really fail to see  on a daily basis instances of fly tipping  where individuals and  companies cannot be bothered to take their rubbish to designated  recycling points or to leave their rubbish out for their regular collection.

Each time you dump something  someone else has to take the time to pick it up and usually it is the Council who do it and they have to be paid ...and so your council tax goes up!!
>>>>>click here...read this <<<<<

Those who live as travelers do not help the situation either as you can see from the reports in the link below
>>>>>fly tipnpig by travellers<<<<<

Someone has to clear it all up and do not forget all the  vermin that will make this rubbish their home then spread disease etc

If you value the country side and the country you have chosen to live in then please respect it and  take all your rubbish home

Please do not  fly- tip;in my daily commute I see rubbish attracting more rubbish ; if you see  stuff lying around...discarded cans and bottles etc, put them in a bin ; throw your  finished cans and bottles in a bin

Please help  us all to keep Britain tidy ; if you read this link  

you will read that even  Her Majesty the Queen gets involved...so why can you not help to keep the country tidy ??

Go on and try it..others may follow suit too and  get rid of rubbish to keep us tidy and be proud of the country you live in!!l lol! cheers
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Fly- tipping in the UK.......councill has to clean up the mess ; our tax goes up
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