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 Laura Plummer caught smuggling banned tramadol tablets into Egypt

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PostSubject: Laura Plummer caught smuggling banned tramadol tablets into Egypt   Sat Feb 17, 2018 1:41 pm

Quote :
Laura Plummer, from Hull, was sentenced to three years in prison in December after she was convicted of possessing controlled drugs, found on her as she entered the country.

The 33-year-old was arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking at Hurghada airport when customs officers found 290 tramadol tablets in her luggage, which she says were for her Egyptian husband who has chronic back pain.


She  flew to Egypt and at the airport was taken aside  by security who examined  her bags and found   the banned tramadol in her luggage

Tramadol is available in Egypt if  needed  but only  on prescription by an approved   Prescriber

In Egypt the   drug is  widely abused  and  is banned  except on   specially prescribed    allowances

Laura really had  no  reason to be in possession of the drug and  there is of course concern as to from where she obtained the Tramadol as it is only available on prescription

More on her story here

>>>>>Read about Laura here<<<<<

If you are at all ' interested' in  the Just Giving page that  was set up  by   her  relatives for finacial support etc

 the link is >>>Just Giving page<<<

She is  presently serving a three year prison sentence and  it has been  reported that the Sun Newspaper has agreed to 'exclusive rights ' to her 'story'

>>>>no pardon for laura<<<<

It had been 'reported'  that she   was to have  been' pardoned' and freed  but this was  false and she will   remain  in Egypt

It is presently unknown  when  she will  be allowed to come back to the UK and if  then she   will face questions from the Police or other  'interested agencies' about how/where she  got the tramadol study
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Laura Plummer caught smuggling banned tramadol tablets into Egypt
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